Who Owns Made in Cookware

Made in cookware is owned by jake kalick. The company produces high-quality, american-made cookware designed for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

With a strong emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship, made in cookware has quickly become a go-to source for top-of-the-line pots, pans, and other kitchen tools. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, the made in cookware line has something to offer, from stockpots and sauté pans to knives, utensils, and even bakeware.

Plus, with a commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices, you can feel good about supporting this up-and-coming brand while upgrading your own kitchen setup.

Who Owns Made in Cookware


The Story Behind The Brand

Made in cookware is a brand that has quickly made a name for itself in the kitchenware industry. The company has become well-known for its high-quality, durable, and affordable cooking products. But how did this young brand come to be?

What Is Made In Cookware?

Made in cookware is a company that prides itself on creating cookware that is not only beautiful but also extremely functional. Their products are made with the best materials available, and they offer a wide range of cookware options for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Company History

Made in cookware was founded in 2017 by a team of experienced cooks who were frustrated with the quality of cookware available on the market. They wanted to create a brand that was affordable, durable, and functional, and thus made in cookware was born.

The company is headquartered in austin, texas, and operates with a direct-to-consumer business model.

Current Status

Since its inception, made in cookware has grown quickly and gained a massive following. The company has been featured in various publications, including forbes, the new york times, bon appetit, and food & wine. Made in cookware has also worked with numerous renowned chefs and restaurants, including david chang, sean brock, and eleven madison park.

Today, made in cookware offers a wide range of cookware options and accessories, including pots, pans, knives, utensils, and more.

Made in cookware has quickly established itself as a leader in the kitchenware industry. Its commitment to quality and affordability has resonated with home cooks and professional chefs alike, making it a popular choice for anyone looking for high-quality cookware.

The People Behind The Brand

The People Behind The Brand: Meet The Founders

The success of every brand rests on the brilliance of the minds behind it. Made in cookware is no exception. The founders of this exceptional cookware brand remain as perhaps the most vital aspect of the brand’s continuous rise to prominence.

As you get to know the people behind the brand, you’ll be amazed at their passion, dedication, and expertise in their industry.

Background Information

Made in cookware was founded by two friends, chip malt and jake kalick. They had a vision to develop quality cookware that’s both durable and safe for daily use. The brand has grown from its humble beginnings to become a household name, recognized for its exceptional quality and performance.

With this impressive reputation, many people wonder who the founders of made in cookware actually are, and how they made their mark in the industry.

Early Life And Career

Chip malt, co-founder and ceo of made in cookware, has always been passionate about designing and making things. This passion saw him pursue a degree in mechanical engineering from the university of pennsylvania. After graduating, he worked for several top companies, but he always found himself dreaming of starting something of his own.

Jake kalick, the other co-founder, has always had a passion for cooking. This passion took him down the path of culinary school in paris. After graduating, he worked in several french kitchens before returning home to the united states. Even then, he knew his passion was not only to cook but also to make quality cookware that can make food taste better.

How They Started Made In Cookware

The idea behind made in cookware began when chip and jake were discussing the problem of the lack of quality cookware. They realized that most cookware available in the market was either toxic or did not distribute heat evenly, leading to unpleasant cooking experiences.

This conversation was the beginning of made in cookware.

Together, they pooled their resources and started made in cookware, with the mission to provide the best quality cookware that is 100% american-made. They wanted to create cookware that could stand the test of time, provide exceptional value, and meet the needs of even the most discerning chefs.

Today, their vision has come to fruition, and their cookware is used in many homes, kitchens, and restaurants.

The founders of made in cookware, chip malt and jake kalick, are the brains behind the top-tier cookware brand. They have worked hard to build their brand, from humble beginnings to become a recognized and admired industry leader. Their passion and dedication to quality and excellence have earned them the respect and trust of an ever-growing customer base.

Made in cookware is a testament to their unwavering commitment to provide the best quality cookware available in the market.


Who Holds The Brand

Who holds the brand: an overview of made in cookware’s ownership structure

Made in cookware is a company that has made a name for itself by offering high-quality cookware that’s proudly made in america. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at who holds the brand, diving into the ownership structure, the founders’ stake, investors and equity partners, stockholders, recent changes in ownership structure, largest shareholders, and key investors.

Overview Of The Ownership Structure

Made in cookware is a private company. This means that its ownership structure is not public knowledge. However, according to various sources, the ownership of the company is divided between several individuals, including the founders, investors, and stockholders.

Founders’ Stake

Made in cookware was founded in 2017 by jake kalick and chip malt. They currently serve as the company’s ceo and president respectively. As the original founders of the company, they hold a substantial stake in its ownership structure.

Investors And Equity Partners

Made in cookware has received backing from several investors and equity partners over the years. These include olen properties and simon property group, among others. These investors and equity partners hold a significant stake in the company’s ownership structure and have played an important role in made in cookware’s growth.


In addition to its founders and investors, made in cookware also has stockholders. These individuals or institutions own shares of the company, which entitles them to a portion of its earnings and assets. The exact ownership structure of the company’s stockholders is not public knowledge.

Who Owns Made In Cookware Today?

As a private company, the exact ownership structure of made in cookware today is not publicly available. However, based on previous information, we know that the ownership of the company is divided between its founders, investors, and stockholders.

Recent Changes In Ownership Structure

Made in cookware has experienced some recent changes in its ownership structure. In 2020, the company raised $5 million in funding from investors, which included participation from olen properties and simon property group.

Largest Shareholders

Although it’s not publicly available, it is expected that the largest shareholders of made in cookware are its founders, jake kalick and chip malt.

Key Investors

Made in cookware has several key investors that have contributed to the company’s growth. These include olen properties, simon property group, and los angeles-based venture capital firm, mucker capital. The contributions of these key investors have helped to ensure the ongoing success of made in cookware.

The ownership structure of made in cookware is divided between its founders, investors, and stockholders. We’ve explored who holds the brand, providing an overview of its ownership structure, the founders’ stake, investors and equity partners, stockholders, recent changes in ownership structure, largest shareholders, and key investors.

With its strong ownership structure, made in cookware is poised for continued success as a top american-made cookware manufacturer.

Growth, Trends, And Challenges

Made in cookware has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2017. It started as a company that aimed to produce the best quality cookware in the market. Over time, it has grown rapidly not only in terms of sales but also in revenue streams.

This growth has been possible due to various factors such as product development, expansion plans, and consumer trends. However, with growth also come challenges and opportunities. This section is dedicated to exploring the growth, trends, and challenges of made in cookware.

Sales And Revenue

Sales and revenue are two of the most important aspects of any business. These metrics show how well a company is doing financially. In the case of made in cookware, both sales and revenue have been growing steadily since its inception.

Sales Figures Over Time

  • The company has recorded a steady increase in sales figures since 2017
  • In 2018, made in cookware recorded over $1.5 million in sales
  • Sales figures grew to over $2 million in 2019
  • The company recorded over $4 million in sales in 2020
  • In 2021, sales figures are projected to increase by 50%

Revenue Streams

Made in cookware derives its revenue from various sources. These revenue streams have contributed to the steady growth of the company.

  • Direct-to-consumer sales contribute to the largest revenue stream
  • Wholesale sales to retailers and online marketplaces such as amazon also contribute to revenue
  • New revenue streams include collaborations with chefs and influencers and the launch of a made in magazine

Future Plans

Made in cookware has ambitious plans for the future. These plans are geared towards expanding the company’s reach and increasing revenue streams.

Expansion Plans

  • Made in cookware plans to expand its product offerings to include kitchen accessories and tableware
  • The company plans to open brick-and-mortar stores in key cities across the country
  • Made in cookware has plans to expand internationally, starting with canada and europe

Product Development

  • The company plans to continue innovating and developing new products
  • Made in cookware plans to partner with chefs and influencers to co-create new products and product lines

Challenges And Opportunities

While made in cookware has experienced significant growth over the years, it has not been without challenges. There are several challenges and opportunities that the company faces that will impact its future growth.


  • The cookware market is highly competitive, and made in cookware faces competition from established brands such as all-clad, calphalon, and le creuset
  • To stay ahead of the competition, made in cookware needs to continue innovating and producing high-quality products

Consumer Trends

  • Consumer trends are constantly changing, and made in cookware needs to stay up-to-date with these trends to remain relevant
  • An opportunity exists for made in cookware to tap into the growing trend of home cooking and healthy eating by producing products that cater to these trends

External Factors

  • External factors such as the covid-19 pandemic, trade policies, and economic conditions can impact the company’s growth and operations
  • Made in cookware needs to be adaptable and prepared to pivot in response to external factors

Made in cookware has experienced significant growth since its inception. Sales and revenue continue to increase, and the company has ambitious plans for expansion and product development. However, the company also faces challenges from competition and external factors. By staying nimble and innovative, and by keeping up with consumer trends, made in cookware is well-positioned for continued success in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions On Who Owns Made In Cookware

Who Founded Made In Cookware?

Made in cookware was founded by two gentlemen, jake kalick and chip malt in 2017. They aimed to provide high-quality cookware at lower prices by cutting out middlemen and traditional retail partners.

Where Is Made In Cookware Made?

Made in cookware’s factory is located in the us in tri-ply cookware capital – kentucky. They manufacture all their products using american sourced raw materials.

What Is Made In Cookware’S Return Policy?

Made in cookware allows a 45-day return policy for unused products. They also offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. In case of any manufacturing defects, they replace the product or provide a full refund.

What Are The Materials Used In Made In Cookware Products?

Made in cookware uses high-quality raw materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Their cookware is designed with a combination of these materials that helps them to cook faster and distributes heat evenly.

Does Made In Cookware Offer Free Shipping?

Made in cookware offers free standard shipping on all orders within the us. They also provide international shipping, but a shipping fee is applied based on the destination and order weight.

What Is Granite Cookware Made Of?

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After a detailed analysis of the available information, it is clear that made in cookware has a unique ownership structure that sets it apart from many of its competitors. The company is owned jointly by its founders, jake kalick and chip malt, and a group of high-profile investors, including the likes of grant achatz and tom colicchio.

This model gives made in cookware greater flexibility and access to expertise and resources that many other cookware companies may not have. Additionally, the company’s commitment to transparency and sustainable manufacturing practices further sets it apart from the competition. This commitment is reflected in the use of domestically sourced materials, as well as the elimination of traditional middlemen in the manufacturing process, resulting in a more ethical and environmentally friendly product.

Overall, made in cookware’s unique ownership structure, commitment to transparency and sustainability, and high-quality products make it a compelling choice for any home chef looking to upgrade their kitchen.


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